United Kingdom

Open Ranking Tournaments

The ADC UK Ranking Table will commence on 20th January 2022.

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Ranking Incentives

Top 2 men and top lady on the ADC UK National Ranking Table come the end of the season will be rewarded with Q School entry for the following year.

Every 6 months, the player at the top of their region ranking table will win £100 cash.

Every 3 months, the player at the top of their region’s ranking table will earn a mandatory shot at their regional champion. Earning potential uncapped.

The player at the top of the UK National Ranking table at the end of the ranking season will gain a place to the ADC World Championships (Date/Location TBC).

Ranking Formula

The tournament winner earns ranking points equal to the overall bracket size of the opening tournament round. For example, the winner of a 53-player event would earn 64 points, as the opening round would be the round of 64.

Points are divided in half for each preceding round. If a winner earns 64 points then the runner-up earns 32, semi-finalists 16, quarter-finalists 8, and so on.

Players in a Round-Robin who fail to enter the knockout stage will each earn 1 point. The knockout points will be awarded based on the same formula.

How to Run a Sanctioned Open

All ADC events are run on Darts Atlas. Registration, check-in, bracketing, and score reporting are all automated through the platform. Digital scorekeeping on Darts Atlas is encouraged but not required. Players are welcome to bring their own tablet to enter their scores via the Darts Atlas scoreboard, or to enter scores for games they mark.

Step 1

Create your Tournament on Darts Atlas.

(Watch the video tutorial)

Optionally, add your venue to your tournament to help players find it via Darts Atlas geographic search.

Step 2

From your tournament homepage, select the “Sanctioning” tab, then click the ADC United Kingdom button to apply for sanctioning. You will receive an email once your Sanction Request has been reviewed.

If approved, your tournament will be promoted on the ADC UK calendar of events.

Step 3

Direct players to register for your tournament on your tournament homepage (free Darts Atlas account required)

Step 4

Manage check-in on the day of your tournament, then pay your discounted tournament administration fee to create your tournament bracket.

Step 5

There is no step 5. Run your tournament and watch the ADC standings update as soon as the last dart is thrown.

Tournament Administration Fees

16 to 64 players: £12.50 fixed fee
More than 64 players: £12.50 + 20p for each player after 64
Fewer than 16 players: Ineligible for ADC sanction
Tournaments collecting payment via Darts Atlas: Free